Whether you’re training for a particular sport, or just trying to keep in shape you need to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs – before, during and after exercise.

While stopping to refuel is easier if you happen to be in the gym, it’s not always convenient to carry full-sized products when you’re road-running or taking part in a competition. Timing is everything – it’s important to support your body exactly when it needs that nutritional https://ww1.lifeplus.com/healthlife/uk/en/product-details/4674/be-sustained-berry-euboost.

When it comes to ensuring you have the right nutritional support it pays to prepare to do your best and prevent poor performance! Taking nutrients on the go isn’t just for professional sportspeople looking for that edge – it’s vital to making sure you stay safe while active to avoid the perils of dehydration and exhaustion. [1]

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It pays to be prepared.

For many of us being able to predict how we’re going to feel, or the support we’ll need to really benefit from our workout is difficult. When will you need that extra lift or last minute motivation? That’s why being prepared and able to refuel on the go is so important – the boost to get you to the gym after work, or the sustenance to keep you hydrated and energised so you really get the most out of that workout. No more excuses!

It’s also so important to think about refuelling after activity. Replenishing your bodies’ vital minerals and amino acids sooner rather than later has been proven to aid a quicker recovery, as well as helping existing muscles. [2]

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Fortunately, making sure you’re getting the right sports nutrition on the move just got a whole lot easier, with the introduction of Lifeplus’ Be range in easy single shot sachets. Make them an essential part of your kit so you’re ready for anything. For more information, visit our website.

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