How I Became a Stuntman and Created My Health System

My name’s Felix – stuntman and Full Specrum health coach. So how did I become a stuntman?

When I was about 12 years old, I got into skateboarding, I had quite an ‘all-in’ personality, so I would live it, breathe it and also watching it on TV. I then saw something called Free Running, which I had never seen before – they were jumping over fences, doing somersaults on the pavement, I thought it wasn’t possible, the sort of stuff you only get in video games or movies. I really wanted to be able to do it myself, and at that stage I had started exercising a bit myself, so I just shifted my focus more to the Free Running.

I started to learn some gymnastics, I taught myself how to do cartwheels and handstands, I did some martial arts too and spent all my time doing flips in the garden. The more I got into it, the more I learned about the stunt register, which is a guild of stuntmen that handles the insurance side and the credibility. They have six skills you have to achieve, out of about twelve; things like rock climbing, horse riding and scuba diving. Once you achieve those skills and they trust you, they put you on the board and you get recognized for some big jobs. So I started working more towards that and picked up things like rock climbing and scuba diving to build up my portfolio, spending more time others who were also pursuing the stunt ambition. One of the reasons why I liked the idea was because it brought real structure to my physical training.

In 2014, I became officially accredited and I started working on some movies – my favourites being Star Wars VII, Game of Thrones, and my most memorable , doing the splits between two trains in the new Paddington film, just like Jean Claude-Van Damme!

For me stunts are a chance to express my skills, but also step into another world where the demands of work and life slip away and you literally become another person.

How do the stunts tie into my coaching business?

When I was training for my gymnastics as part of my stunt qualification, loads of people would ask me for tips about how to get more flexible, seeing me do the splits etc. I ran a business before and so so I thought, “Why not start actually coaching people?”

I started out with an online program to help people get flexible, and later ran classes to help CrossFit athletes with their own flexibility. This developed into one-to-one training, and it was through working at a corporate gym I realised that people had a need for so much more than just flexibility, but also sleep, nutrition, and the right strength for their body type and lifestyle.

This is where I developed my full spectrum coaching. I now also incorporate a lot of mindset into all the aspects, as well a focus on accountability to allow anyone to turn around their health even within their busy lifestyle.

How I started wotking with other in health…..